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Everyone says that Don Gigante is an Artist...
What does that really mean?

An artist finds the beauty in everything and helps others see that beauty too, by using tools to sculpt or draw out it out using a medium that they love. Don loves to use hair brushes, blow dryers, color, scissors, and words to help women see the beauty that they have always had, just waiting to be recognized and highlighted by the right artist. Granted, you have to be willing to do the work to keep the masterpiece from fading, but it is well worth it as you discover the feeling you have when your beauty is in full bloom.

I never much cared to do my hair, much less pay attention to the fact that the color of it really made me look washed out in most pictures.

My Mom suggested "I go to Don to have my hair colored right for my wedding”.

At that time I was up for anything, so I agreed, thinking I would get my hair colored well for the wedding and then be done. Ten months later I am still getting my hair done right by Don. So, what I left with after the initial consultation was way more than what color hair would be best for me because he knows what looks great on each individual, and he teaches you everything he knows and cheers you along the way.

A car full of boys about twelve years younger than I honked at me while I was in the drive-thru. I looked back and they all waved. Not used to getting that kind of attention, all I could do was blush. Things like this never used to happen to me before going to Don. What a compliment and such a good feeling!

The other day, a friend of mine saw a new picture of me online and said, “Wow, marriage must be really good for you. You look GREAT!”

That was when I realized the beauty that is in me is showing on the outside, and it is because of Don who started working with me to discover, create and reveal it. Thank you, Don.

by: Tammy, IL



Donald L. Gigante, a licensed cosmetologist manager and beauty practitioner in the state of WI, has just released his original medical discoveries in his online book
 "Advanced Skin Guide For All Ages And Skin Types" at most major online book retailers.

Winter 2009 Donald L. Gigantes outside the box methods, and consistent results
got him first recognized for his work as a complete head to foot MakeOver Artist.
Featured on the cover of :

"Healthy Lifestyles Magazine"  (By Shaw Media Group)
Cover Story : "The MichelAngelo of Hair Body and Skin".
Donald Louis Gigante - More than just a MakeOver Artist .

Article available at (www.dongigante.com)

Donald, an ex-pro entertainer, approached beauty very differently than the industry norm.  He never asked his MakeOver clients what they wanted, rather he told them what they needed, and feels that may be one of the biggest keys to his prior notoriety and his now current discoveries.

Donald is not a doctor, his discoveries were made by treating skin disorders as a cosmetologist and by carefully removing wrinkles on his clients layer by layer, over time, hands on, and completely in the field.

Donald used a safe,  mass exfoliation system for beauty on all his clients and models,
a system he initially created as a pro entertainer.

Sept 2011 Donald  found a constant that appeared under every disorder and every wrinkle that he has ever treated.
The Discovery had been right in front of him the entire time.

And Donald believes his discovery will change medicine forever.

What Donald discovered in the field by carefully removing dead and wrinkled skin from his clients, under every wrinkled area, and under every skin disorder he had encountered, were what appeared to be zits or pimples.

Except these "zits"  or "pimples" didn't go away.
He also observed these now exposed zits or pimple looking manifestations went way deeper than skin, into the nerves and muscles.

By only using a hand held magnifying glass, researching to the ends of the Internet and by process of elimination, Donald discovered what would actually make these "zits" slowly come out.

Donald finally discovered by trial and error the zits were actually deep parasitic colonies,
Better known as parasitic infections that he confirmed microscopically between disorders.

It was then the light came on, the skin reacted differently depending on where the infection was, and the depth of the infection, creating different looking manifestations on the surface of the skin.

But more importantly Donald discovered these parasitic colonies had depth and the complete ability to interfere with the body's nerve  system, muscles, and even blood flow to areas infected and no one is exempt.

In further research he realized what happens outside the body can easily happen inside the body as well.

Donald observed while manifestations on the skin looked different from one to the next:  bumps, wrinkles, loose skin, rough knees, elbows & feet, to age spots & tumors,
That the same method removed them all.

Examples available at dongigante.com

Donald discovered this different appearance between disorders is a combination of the randomness of the parasitic infections affecting the body at different areas and depths, and the body's natural quarantine system responding to the local infection.  Over time these colonies can even impede other body signals & systems.

Donald compares his discoveries to the randomness and damaging effects of
tooth decay, except in the body's case, the body covers up these infections and tries its best to quarantine the attackers.

He also discovered in his research that a bruise to a colonized area allowed the colony to spread the parameters of the bruise because the body's qarenteen system was compromised in that area.
Donald then observed, under a microscope, that a "unrestricted" colony can spread at a rate of 1/4 inch in 48 hours in any direction if the colony  chooses to expand in a straight line.

He also observed that once the colonies had been completely removed from the joints, muscles and nerves, chronic muscle  pain and the feeling of arthritis completely disappeared.

Once the affecting colony was completely removed from an area of skin,
 the skin quickly returned to its youthful form, color, tone,  elasticity, and function, at any age without leaving any scaring.

Current hygiene and cosmetic products do not kill or protect us from the spread of parasitic infection.  In fact, Donald has found current products actually aid in the spread of these colonies.

Based on his discoveries, Donald believes that he has actually uncovered
the Greatest Medical Discovery In History.

Donald currently has a patent pending for his entire new medical and cosmetic art form, which includes but is not limited to:

All regular use hygiene products for (regular treatment and protection from parasitic infection) in Humans and Animals
Cosmetics  (current cosmetics  do not kill parasites or protect from the spread of them).
Internal medicine ( as a replacement and or add on to current internal medicine).

Products will become available as reasonable agreements with manufactures are made.

Donald does not wish to upset the marketplace (as this discovery is sure to do ) and feels no legitimate manufacturer should be shut out.
However, due to the medical aspects and implications (time is important for those suffering from disease) he will license manufacturers based on world wide distribution ability, the ability to further his new medical and cosmetic art form, ethics, and resonable end user cost.

Donald is adamant that these products and treatments are made available cheaply to every human and captive animal on the planet.  All Donald Gigantes' home results have been achieved for less money than the average face cream.

 Licensing, training and equipment is required for all medical professionals, as well as skin practitioners for express or advanced removal services and treatments.

The methods for expelling these colonies using easy regular skin routines at home,
  are outlined in his book
"Advanced Skin Guide For All Ages And Skin Types".

The Advanced Skin Guide For All Ages And Skin Types is the official introduction of a completely New Medical Art Form designed for the  regular and systematic removal of and protection from the spread of parasitic colonization to prevent disease.

Donald L. Gigante has built his 5 star reviews and reputation over the years by honesty, integrity, and unrivaled results.

Medical review boards currently do not accept discoveries from cosmetologists.
However, Mr. Gigante has absolutely no issue with being grilled by "recognized" top independent doctors of all walks of medicine.

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