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The MichelAngelo of Hair Body Skin:
Don Louis Gigante
--More than just a Makeover Artist

After my third child Hannah was born, the fifty-five pounds I gained during pregnancy stayed with me. Despite being able to lose all the weight following the birth of my first two children, weight-loss the third time around did not come easily. I tried every diet. I even exercised two hours-a-day, and still the pounds stuck to me like rice on glue. Meanwhile, my straw-like bleach blond hair, which started falling out for no apparent reason, was a far cry from the long beautiful brunette hair I once had prior to motherhood. To make matters worse, the three pregnancies I endured back-to-back in three short years left an array of stretch marks, which reminded me of the star spangled banner. I was miserably fat, balding, and hiding my all too patriotic body (thanks to the red, white and blue stretch marks) under dark, baggy clothes. Five years ago, I was that woman, and then I met Makeover Artist Don Luis Gigante.

Don Luis Gigante, owner of One Salon and Spa in Geneva, did more than a makeover for me. He helped me shed fifty-five post-partum pounds with his diet secrets. Over the course of three years, he transformed my balding bleach blond hair into the long beautiful brunette hair I thought had disappeared forever. His beauty secrets empowered me to re-grow my hair, fade my stretch marks, and say good-bye to the all too haggard matronly look.

One of the amazing facts about Don is that he has empowered hundreds of his clients to discover their natural beauty from the inside out. He is not the type of stylist who takes orders from his clients. He knows best when it comes to hair, body, and skin. When you sit in Don’s chair, he captures your beauty the way a decorator captures a room. He is true artist who can enhance the natural beauty of any woman. His ideas about hair, body, and skin (believe me bleach blond was my idea) are far more magnificent than yours. As a result, one of Don’s clients, Donelle Duvall, dubbed him the MichelAngelo of hair, body, and skin.

“I call him the MichelAngelo of hair, body, and skin. Not everyone wants to be told what to do about hair and skin. Don tells you like it is, and tells you how to fix it. He is an artist with expertise in hair and skin. I just stopped going to my former stylist when I found Don. Prior to Don, I did hair color experimentation. My hair was wiry, thick, and orange. Now my hair is longer, browner, much different, and amazing,” said Duvall, a marketing consultant and mother of twins of Geneva.

Don Gigante’s philosophy on hair involves an appreciation for beauty over trends. “As far as cuts, I tend more toward the sexy side. I focus on bringing out the absolute most beauty that I can possibly do,” Gigante said about his philosophy on hair. One unique attribute about Don’s salon in Geneva is that it has white walls throughout the entire spa. “My walls are white, so when I pull up the hair I can see all the colors of the hair,” he remarked.

Don approaches the skin the way an artist would a color palette. “The skin has a hundred different colors in it. I bring out the right colors, enhancing the person’s skin and eyes the best,” he said. “My clients wake up looking beautiful because all their colors already go together like a well decorated house,” he added.

For anti-aging services, Don works on softening the skin on the face, while fading acne scars, wrinkles, and redness. I can give a person a facelift [through my beauty secrets and facials] without surgery. I make the skin on your face match the skin under the bra strap. I have secrets to rid stretch marks on the body. Look at your shoulders in the mirror [and compare] the skin on your face, and see the difference. What I do is I mimic what clothing does for the shoulders,” he commented on his anti-aging techniques.

For clients who are dedicated to reshaping their bodies, Don offers body-sculpting services. His services involve reshaping the body to increase femininity. “If you do a curl, I might have you have different hand positions so you look like a girl instead of a guy. I see how your muscles are firing if you have the right hand positions for your build. I share with you how many repetitions you should do and how many times per week,” Don said about the services. “Clients have better results working out twice to three days a week on my program, than most people do working out five to six days a week,” he added.

Lisa Santucci-Fontaine, a tax accountant who lives in Batavia, has worked with Don for 2 years on her hair, body, and skin. “Don helped me improve my hair, body, and skin. I had a baby, and as a result had stretch marks. Don told me how to get rid of them and his secret works! I used to get acne breakouts, but Don’s beauty secrets cured my acne. Now my skin is so clear, no breakouts. It is like a whole new me,” she said.

Like all of Don’s clients, Santucci-Fontaine, lets Don do the decision making regarding her spa services. “I let him make all the decisions as far as the color and the cut. He knows me. He knows my personality. He always gives me the best haircuts and color. He does what is really best for me. I trust him 100% because he is really straight-up and honest. He actually finds your beauty. He helps you access what you have and makes it work for you. He has taken what I already have and enhanced it,” she said about the results.

Today the word is out about Don Luis Gigante in the Kane County area, as clients such as Donelle Duvalle and Lisa Santucci-Fontaine share their makeover success stories with friends. “He struck me as someone who really understood the science behind hair color and skin, from massage to facial to scrubbing techniques. Don knows a lot of ways to improve the quality of your skin without having to do the major surgeries,” Duvalle said.

by: Sarah Militz-Frielink, IL
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