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Dave 11/20/2011
I'm not one of Don's clients. I'm writing this review based Don's work with my wife of 43 years. The hair style and color is the best I've ever seen on her but, Don deals with the whole person, not just the hair. Her face looks many years younger and her skin is clearly healthier from following Don's advice. She doesn't even need makeup because her skin looks so radiant. Don knows what he is doing, and does it well. I am one happy hubby! Thanks Don!!!
Anonymous 09/05/2011
Don Gigante is absolutely THE BEST hairdresser I have ever had. He has truly brought out the best in my natural appearance, and I am grateful to him. My friends and family tell me that I look years younger and I owe it all to Don. My hair hasn't been this healthy or thick in many years! I am very sad that he has moved to Wisconsin and miss him already. Wisconsinites are blessed to have him living there. I for one, will make the trip there to see him and to have him continue doing my hair. Thank you Don for sharing your great skin and hair tips with me! You're the best! "Have a beautiful day!"
Rae 03/15/2011
I was first introduced to Donald through, "Lifestyle Magazine." They called him the 'Michael Angelo' of hair style and he is. He brings out your true beauty in his color and cut. I was blonde for many many years my hair was fried. Donald brought me back to my natural color with some beautiful highlights and everyone says I look ten years younger. My hair is full shiny and much healthier. Ladies, if you want to experience a natural wonder facial his treatments are the best, and very relaxing. I no longer live in town; however, I come back often and I always make an appointment with Donald. I feel very lucky to have found him. Not only is he my stylist, we have become good friends. He always listens to me as I go on and on about my life, and he opens his heart up to me. I was at O'hare airport returning home in February I had been in to have my hair done that day and two different men complimented me on how beautiful my hair was. I said thank you and Michael Angelo also thanks you. Thanks Donald, for knowing how to bring out the best in me, and for your friendship.
BlackDot Creative Marketing Co. 01/25/2011
Don Gigante is a true beauty artist. He's been working with me for over four years and I have never looked better...more naturally beautiful. He's given me a look that is very ME. From hair color to the cut, he knows just how to make you look your own personal best. And his derm-abrasion facials have cleaned up the scars from laser treatments. Lasers that were supposed to smooth and clean up my acne scars left my skin tough and dull and scared in a worse way. With Don's treatments, I am getting the skin that I always wanted.
Rositsa 09/09/2010
He noticed that my hair was not as before. He told me what to do and how to treat my hair. Following his suggestions I become the happiest person. Everyone loves my hair now and I feel happy again. Ladies go and check it you will be amazed.
Brittany 08/25/2010
Ok, so like Blonde's review I have to say that when Don claimed he could 'fix' my acne problem I was skeptical to say the least. I have tried every product out there, and have seen a few doctors all claiming they have the fix. He also claimed he could get rid of my scars from previous acne outbreaks. I have been going to Don for a few months and he'd been giving me the microdermabrasion facial that uses the Dermaglide machine. He gave me a skin regimen that I had to strictly follow...and I mean strict. WOW, I am so happy to tell everyone that it works!!! For the first time ever, Don has given me the skin secrets to stop my acne and to also fix the scars from previous acne! I totally recommend Don to anyone who is dealing with acne, acne-scars, aging or, skin issues like these. Even if you are skeptical just go see Don and he will prove to you that he is the best out there and his skin system and works like nothing else out there. I wouldn't write this review without having total confidence that he can help you too.. I am a customer for life!!!!
Blonde 05/10/2010
Microdermabrasion and scar removal on face and tummy tuck:

When I first met Don I will be honest I was skeptical. I am a little sensitive, and he is straight forward and very honest. Sometimes we hear things we don't want to, and it makes us uncomfortable. I am so thrilled with my results, and glad I swallowed my pride and listened to him.

I started with Don several months ago and we did the microdermibrasion to start with on my face. I began going weekly and like anything we do we want to see instant results. It took a few sessions before I realized the difference it was making. I have continued with the regiment. Sometimes I get busy and can't stick with it and then I realize the difference and start it up again.

Believe me I have tried all sorts of things, and this is the only thing I have been committed to for more than a few months! It really doesn't take all that much time. The hints Don gives you have paid off tremendously. My husband has said over and over, "Wow your skin is so soft." My friends have said, "You have such a glow what is different?" I smile and say its Don's magic.

Don gives you basic things to do on a regular basis that are not expensive, but they work!

I had scars on my face and a tummy tuck scar. I had a small accident skiing and had a gash in my eyebrow area. The scab got wet and fell out leaving this huge scar and deep inset. I was so upset. Don has worked on that area over and over and it has filled in nicely. We still have work to do but from where I was almost a year ago you would be shocked at my results.

After working with Don for about four months I began to get really comfortable and asked him "Does this work on all types of scars?" He said "Yes."

You see I had gotten a tummy tuck a few years back, and when we do these things we don't realize we will still have issues. So I had this huge scar. I didn't realize how much it would bother me but it did a lot. It makes you feel unsexy and self conscious at least it did for me and I have been with the same man for 20 years. It was my issue not my husbands. But as woman we want to feel beautiful and we all have things that bother us. So, I bravely asked Don about it and he laughed and said let's see what it is. He began that day working on it and we have worked on it for about four months.

The results were amazing!! I wish he had taken pictures so he could show you the dramatic difference. I can stand in front of the mirror and while it is still there my scar isn't the first thing I see! I actually love seeing myself naked! We laugh that the underwear mark is deeper than the scar. It has shrunk in size and is so much lighter in some areas it is looking like a light line.

I even got tan and usually scars don't tan. I cannot tell you how excited I am about the results. I stick to what he tells me and it has paid off better than all the things I have tried over the years. We all want to get results for our time and I will say working with Don has made me more than 100% satisfied. I still have more work to do and am hoping by summer to get back into a bikini! Results like this give you such a wonderful feeling! Thanks Don!

If you have things you want to change or make less noticeable; whether it be on your face or somewhere else on your body, I recommend having a consultation with Don. You will not be sorry, I can promise you! I have never written a review like this, but it has changed my outlook on so many things, I just had to share it!

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