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Donald Gigante is the Midwest Distributor of the Original Dermaglide Machines

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Don's Initial Consultations

Please Keep in mind Don is a "Make Over" Artist And works from the Perspective of the "Best Beauty" is Made So Easy through living a sensible Healthy Lifestyle. Especially High Maintenance Looks…. That are Truly Low effort to Maintain…

Don sees You through the Eyes of a High End Decorator The Best Cuts to Flatter Your facial and Body Balances. to the best colors that flatter Your eyes and the over 100 colors in your skin To Have the worst skin on You Look Like the Best skin on You.

Do You Know What textile Hair Is ? Do You Know What Textile Skin is ?

You will Be given the same Easy Daily Skin, Hair and healthy eating Routines That Got him the Healthy Lifestyles Magazine Cover and also "mentioned in His many Reviews"

For some :
The Consult may result in a complete head to foot rework From Rebuilding Chemically Damaged or Product Damaged Hair To Growing Hair Out . To REGROWING Hair To Skin issues from Acne, Proper Brow Shape and Balance for Face To Stretch marks, to loose Face and Body skin. To Healthy weight loss and a Healthy lifestyle maintenance Plan.

Do you know what is fattening up America?
To Tightening skin after Weight loss. That will include over time , Both long term and short term plans. some GET Body Sculpting ( SEPARATE 200.00 CONSULT)

While others may only get Tweaked with a trim:
All will end up with solid Proven Beauty routines that will serve them for life. Everyone gets the same Basic consult : And works From the Perspectives of Health and EMPOWERMENT

The Basic Consult covers proper Hair and skin Routines based on the physical makeup or Properties of hair and skin .

Do You Know what Hair and Skin is Made Of ??
If not , You May be Damaging them Both .Even daily maintenance with products and or bad habits that over time actually make us look worse . Would you wash your car's paint with Kitchen Cleanser? Most People are treating hair and skin Just like that, and don't even Know it.

Don will ALWAYS Direct Through the confusion you to the best Products for you. And if he carries them, He will Give You the Most Reasonable Price He Possibly Can. just the fact You are No Longer wasting your money on products that don't work . and The Life Long Beauty Secrets that Awarded Him the Healthy Lifestyles Cover Story

Don is Licensed in Wisconsin And Illinois
PRICES: "Unless Referred By a Loyal Client" Initial Consultation $200.00 Once the initial consult is complete. You will Get on going advice Goals and encouragement as Needed

In Home Services Only: Hair Must always be Prepped before arrival per Don's instructions. And do not include shampoo and blow out.

Don's Initial Beauty MakeOver Consultation: $200.00
Ultimate Facial With Dermaglide Microdermabrasion: $100.00
Color (Grey Only) Touch Up:$70.00
Color All Over to Change, Repair, or Fill $100.00
Highlights:$75.00 - $150.00
Shape Eyebrows (Tweeze):$20.00
Body Sculpting Consult: $200.00

Colors are Built around Your skin and eyes like a decorator works with multicolored fabrics Dons solid colors Alone are usually built up using 4 to 7 different colors and tones to completely Flatter YOU Don Achieves his Before and After's and was awarded "The Healthy Lifestyles Cover Story" mostly By His Clients "following 'His Lead ' to the best of Their abilities ." every one works at their own pace and he knows that better than anyone. Don Reserves the right to fire any client that He feels uncomfortable with or does not try. Because some People really Do need and truly appreciate his Proven Help.

Thank You for Looking at the Menu Have A BEAUTIFUL Day !

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